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Asp Mother

Category: Hybrid

This can't be found outside Pardus Core !

Intelligence Report

While significantly larger than Nebula Serpents, their bodies have nevertheless evolved to require less of the precious nebula gas they breathe, able to survive even for short periods of time in regions where there are trace amounts. Though many full grown adults are recorded as reaching lengths of 75-90 meters, legend suggest that, like the mammoth kyaals of Keldana and the giant anacondas found on Earth, Asp Mothers may contain no biological mechanism that stunts their growth after a certain amount of years, left to grow only larger and larger until their bodies are forced to submit to age.
Hull: 1,000
Shield: 420

Armor: 740 Pardus (x5)
Tactics: 58
Hit Accuracy: 65
Maneuver: 55
Weaponry: 35
Engineering: 30


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 1,500


Exotic Crystal
Bio Waste