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Asp Hatchlings

Category: Hybrid

This can't be found outside Pardus Core !

Intelligence Report

Asp Mothers, one of the few creatures of the Kingdom Animalia to embrace parthenogenesis (Asexual Reproduction), use their diploidic chromosomes to fertilize their own eggs, storing them within their bodies until mere hours of their hatching. The newborn serpents nonetheless find themselves orphaned upon their birth, forced to fend for themselves against the harsh elements of space, the dangerous predators that lurk around them, and even their very own family. Highly territorial, Hatchlings find themselves embroiled in a vicious battle for supremacy, bearing fangs against their own brothers and sisters in a vicious form of sibling rivalry, ceasing their battle only after all others have perished, or they find themselves floating alone amidst the vastness of space.
Hull: 225
Shield: 270

Armor: 560 Pardus (x4)
Tactics: 67
Hit Accuracy: 60
Maneuver: 55
Weaponry: 42
Engineering: 30


Retreat hold: None
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 725


Exotic Crystal
Bio Waste