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Space Worm Albino

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

An odd natural occurrence, Space Worm Albinos are occasionally sighted. Though otherwise genetically identical to normal Space Worms, save for their pigment deficiency, Albinos are yet another creature of great interest to many biologists. Extremely sensitive to UV light, the Space Worm Albino is also highly allergic to even faint traces of the Lucisti Virus that exist within the Pardus Cluster. Introduced to the Lucisti Virus, Space Worm Albinos are found to die within minutes, unlike their relatives which are transformed and mutated by it. Though still in the primary stages of study, researchers hope to use these non-aggressive creatures to understand the root cause of the Lucisti Mutations, and perhaps even one day the Lucidi.

Additional info:

These spawn on or around Asteroid tiles. In scanning their lifeless carcass you will usualy find a couple tons of Bio and Ore. It is a messy job to separate the two but should be worth some creds at the local starbase or smelter.
Hull: 330

Armor: 90 Organic (x1)
Tactics: 22
Hit Accuracy: 33
Maneuver: 30
Weaponry: 26
Engineering: 20


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: 3h
Experience: 60


Bio Waste