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Z15 Spacepad

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Miniature docking stations built specifically for the Z-Series set to be stationed in remote sectors of the Neutral Zone, the Z-15 Spacepad acts as a sanctuary for ships in its armada that require upkeep, maintenance, or a full repair, given their central positron core was not damaged or in other ways compromised. Base to the core operations of the Z-Series, the objectives of the Z-15 Spacepad and its rogue machines are still unknown to the Federation and the rest of the universe. Be assured, however, that these technological abnormalities fight with a passion towards that end all the same, regarded as a power within the galaxy ever since their reemergence from the storm.
Hull: 1,150
Shield: 660

Armor: 1,052 Adamantium (x5)


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 3,150