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Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

The first stage of the Ceylacennia's evolution, Sarracenia are the most vulnerable to the toils of space. Sustained in part by the various elements found in Nebula clouds, these hapless pods spend their lives suspended in the red mists. Unable to propel themselves, they become slaves to the natural drift of the Nebula gasses, often times withering away to nothing in remote regions of space when denied the light of nearby stars for extended periods of time. Fooling their prey with pleasant smelling secretions, Sarracenias lure their victims in for the kill and thus survive in even the most desolate areas of the universe if life so demands of them.
Hull: 585

Armor: 345 Organic (x1)

Death Spores
Tactics: 35
Hit Accuracy: 21
Maneuver: 35
Weaponry: 32
Engineering: 20

Cloaking ( Nebula)

Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 90


Bio Waste