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Category: Small ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The Intergalactic Ship Design Consortium (ISDC) regards this small ship as a high tech flyer.
Unfortunately the Sabre provokes more laughter than respect due to its small cargo space and single gun mount. The only advantage of this craft is its low price; for that reason it is primarily used by the poor first-timers and wanderers. Rumour has it that some crazy pirates fit the Sabre with a heavy particle laser and go out hunting with it - for training or simply for fun. Despite this, the only real use for Sabres is in flight schools as exercise vessels.
Size: 12
Capacity: 70
Hull: 195
Armor: 225
Laser pods: 1

Planet sales: 15,000
Scrap value: 7,500

1,000 Credits

3 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
2 Electronics
4 Metal

Required cycles: 2 (6 h)