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Category: Large ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

As travelers made their way further into the depths of the universe, it became readily apparent that the dangers of deep space were far more deadly and prevalent than originally perceived. The need arose for a craft that would protect both the cargo and safety of those making their lives among the stars. Designed with an organic shape similar to the threats it was created to face, the Liberator reflects the quality and pride its designers put into this new modern class of starships. Like a sleek predator, the Liberator is more than adequately equipped to keep the space lanes clear of threats known and unknown.
Size: 82
Capacity: 240
Hull: 525
Armor: 510
Laser pods: 4
Missile pods: 8

Planet sales: 16,995,000
Scrap value: 8,497,500
509,850 XP

125,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
8 Energy
4 Robots
12 Electronics
10 Metal
4 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 80 (10 days)
10,000,000 Credits

320 Heavy Plastics
640 Energy
320 Robots
960 Electronics
800 Metal
320 Radioactive Cells