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Category: Small ()

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

A Federation entrepreneur, who wants to remain unknown, managed to get his hands on the ISDC Sabre designs. Working alone for nearly a year, a complete overhaul resulted in the Wasp. By restructuring the body and replacing the nose laser mount by two wing mounts, the new design boasts increased hull strength, hull capacity and armor strength. The ugly duck of the ISDC transformed into a small but combat ready Federation fighter. A very popular step up for pilots fed up with the Sabres sub-par performance!
Size: 14
Capacity: 75
Hull: 225
Armor: 240
Laser pods: 2

Planet sales: 20,000
Scrap value: 10,000

2,500 Credits

8 Heavy Plastics
10 Energy
6 Electronics
8 Metal

Required cycles: 1 (3 h)