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Category: Small ()

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

The new Nighthawk fighter craft is a spin-off of the older Hawk design. The two crafts look much alike, using the same basic design and frame structure. It is capable of packing a huge amount of firepower, but with the addition of one missile and added space to its cargo capacity. The Nighthawks small size also enables this craft to cloak very easily, making it perfect for ambushing and sneak attacks. It is also an effective craft for pirating, but it is almost never used so due to the extremely high cost.
Size: 29
Capacity: 165
Hull: 270
Armor: 510
Laser pods: 4
Missile pods: 1

Planet sales: 2,000,000
Scrap value: 1,000,000

55,000 Credits

8 Heavy Plastics
8 Energy
22 Electronics
4 Metal

Required cycles: 20 (2 days, 12 h)
1,100,000 Credits

160 Heavy Plastics
160 Energy
440 Electronics
80 Metal