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Nighthawk Deluxe

Category: Medium ()

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

Using data collected from the Nighthawk's field tests and materials developed for Z-series fighters, Federation engineers made a good ship better. Its chassis has been modified to provide more leg room, an improved armor configuration, and a larger arsenal of missiles. It has a larger profile, but it's still a hawk at heart - fast, maneuverable, and heavily armable. The deluxe version costs much more to produce, and is usually reserved for seasoned fighter pilots.
Size: 36
Capacity: 175
Hull: 300
Armor: 540
Laser pods: 4
Missile pods: 3

Planet sales: 3,000,000
Scrap value: 1,500,000

70,000 Credits

10 Heavy Plastics
8 Energy
26 Electronics
4 Metal

Required cycles: 24 (3 days)
1,680,000 Credits

240 Heavy Plastics
192 Energy
624 Electronics
96 Metal