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Category: Large ()

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

This colossus serves the ultimate use in space. 3 Gun and 8 missile mounts outshoot almost every other big carrier in the known universe. The cargo capacity is substantial but, unfortunately, so is its size. If you have the money to spend and don't care about cloaking, you can't go wrong buying a Mantis.
Size: 134
Capacity: 250
Hull: 600
Armor: 390
Laser pods: 3
Missile pods: 8

Planet sales: 3,300,000
Scrap value: 1,650,000

55,000 Credits

2 Heavy Plastics
8 Energy
14 Electronics
12 Metal

Required cycles: 32 (4 days)
1,760,000 Credits

64 Heavy Plastics
256 Energy
448 Electronics
384 Metal