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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The once proud backbone of the war effort, as ore-mining ships in asteroid fields, these long obsolete rust buckets are turning into space junk one by one because spare parts are no longer manufactured. Originally the Rustclaws were fitted with the most up-to-date mining lasers. But nowadays the only advantage is its relatively sizable cargo space, allowing a second life in the hands of small traders.
These need to be careful of energy fields, as the big mass of the ship negates any cloaking attempts, making them a prime candidate for losing cargo! (Though failing life support systems cause the majority of Rustclaw pilot deaths.)
Size: 63
Capacity: 105
Hull: 240
Armor: 135
Laser pods: 1

Planet sales: 21,500
Scrap value: 10,750
645 XP

1,000 Credits

3 Energy
1 Electronics
9 Metal

Required cycles: 3 (9 h)
3,000 Credits

9 Energy
3 Electronics
27 Metal