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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

The Gauntlet is the backbone of the Federations' assault forces. The firepower of this behemoth is undeniable; with a wide array of gun and missle mounts the Gauntlet can play any role in modern spatial warfare. It is however mainly used in breaking through enemy blockades and for annihilating enemy facilities. Due to its vast potential for mayhem, only the most trusted and highly regarded of Federal officers are allowed to captain such a ship.
Size: 68
Capacity: 220
Hull: 465
Armor: 585
Laser pods: 4
Missile pods: 7

Planet sales: 8,900,000
Scrap value: 4,450,000

75,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
2 Robots
14 Electronics
18 Metal
4 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 56 (7 days)
4,200,000 Credits

224 Heavy Plastics
224 Energy
112 Robots
784 Electronics
1,008 Metal
224 Radioactive Cells