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Shadow Stealth Craft

Category: Small ()

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

In all human asteroid-colonies ghost stories speak of shadows that roam around the bio-domes at night. They are supposed to be the lost souls of pilots killed in space battles. It is however more likely that the Shadow Stealth Craft is the source of these tales. It is constructed of the lightest nanomaterials, based on a weight saving design, making it perfect for espionage missions and short ranged combat. Even experienced pilots find it hard to locate this craft, let alone hit it with their weapons.
Size: 7
Capacity: 95
Hull: 90
Armor: 405
Laser pods: 4

Planet sales: 310,000
Scrap value: 155,000

15,000 Credits

1 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
7 Electronics
1 Metal

Required cycles: 12 (1 days, 12 h)
180,000 Credits

12 Heavy Plastics
48 Energy
84 Electronics
12 Metal