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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

The galactic council used the Venom for guarding wormholes but the upkeep costs became too high after the war. Many Venoms were sold for low prices on the open market. The growing demand for cruisers with cloaking ability has recently increased the prices to a level fitting for the high quality of this ship.
Size: 46
Capacity: 160
Hull: 375
Armor: 375
Laser pods: 3
Missile pods: 4

Planet sales: 964,000
Scrap value: 482,000

30,000 Credits

1 Heavy Plastics
6 Energy
8 Electronics
10 Metal

Required cycles: 20 (2 days, 12 h)
600,000 Credits

20 Heavy Plastics
120 Energy
160 Electronics
200 Metal