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Category: Small ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

This fighter was fitted with extra storage space in the body, as consequence of the ever-growing trade opportunities. The Interceptor is often used in squads to guard big transports and starbases; most, however, are said to be used by pirates - its light weight, lowest of all standard ships, allowing them to cloak even outside of energy fields, lying in wait for the next unwary prey.
Size: 8
Capacity: 85
Hull: 165
Armor: 285
Laser pods: 3
Missile pods: 1

Planet sales: 74,000
Scrap value: 37,000
2,220 XP

4,000 Credits

3 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
10 Electronics
2 Metal

Required cycles: 4 (12 h)
16,000 Credits

12 Heavy Plastics
16 Energy
40 Electronics
8 Metal