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Boa Ultimate Carrier

Category: Large ()

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

Deriving its name from the one Earth-based life form which fascinates almost all Ska'ari the most, this ship really looks a bit like a well fed boa constrictor. And as the boa is truly the colossus among snakes, the Boa Ultimate Carrier is the final answer in sheer hull capacity, a ship truly worthy of the Ska'ari merchant princes.
With an unprecedented missile capacity, this juggernaut is far from defenceless, but unfortunately behaves in combat like it looks: Sluggish like a well fed boa.
Size: 182
Capacity: 330
Hull: 795
Armor: 465
Laser pods: 2
Missile pods: 12

Planet sales: 8,250,000
Scrap value: 4,125,000

60,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
2 Robots
12 Electronics
14 Metal
2 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 68 (8 days, 12 h)
4,080,000 Credits

272 Heavy Plastics
272 Energy
136 Robots
816 Electronics
952 Metal
136 Radioactive Cells