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Category: Small ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

The Marauder's name befits its appearance: A striking ship, armed beyond the range of most fighters in its class. It was designed by an unnamed space pirate for his private use, but became so successful that it is now used almost exclusively in swarms for attacks on small trade convoys. Despite this shady reputation, the Marauder has proven itself to be a more than able fighter, and has gained its place among the fleet of the Union.
Size: 14
Capacity: 105
Hull: 120
Armor: 330
Laser pods: 3

Planet sales: 200,000
Scrap value: 100,000

10,000 Credits

1 Heavy Plastics
2 Energy
4 Electronics
1 Metal

Required cycles: 12 (1 days, 12 h)
120,000 Credits

12 Heavy Plastics
24 Energy
48 Electronics
12 Metal