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Junker IV

Category: Medium ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

The Union, desperately wanting to compete in the space lanes for trade needed a cheap craft that could be built quickly, cheaply and flown by inexperienced pilots got it right on the forth attempt. By taking the chassis of a Sabre, with its familiar and forgiving controls, bolting large cargo bays, fashioned from the ageing but numerous Rustclaws, Union bosses were able to mass produce a relatively cheap trader.
Handling is not a concern for this pocket size bulk trader, nor is visibility or combat ability; however, for the budding union pilot wanting to make a buck on a shoestring, the Junker is the ship to own.
Size: 52
Capacity: 210
Hull: 540
Armor: 90
Laser pods: 1
Missile pods: 2

Planet sales: 780,000
Scrap value: 390,000

30,000 Credits

3 Energy
10 Metal

Required cycles: 20 (2 days, 12 h)
600,000 Credits

60 Energy
200 Metal