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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

The shortcomings of the Junker IV led to a reassessing of Union ship design. They needed a ship that had the ability to carry large quantities of cargo, had multiple weapons mounts, a strong hull and armour. The Union offered a prize to the best ship and the now legendary Union trials began. The slider came second, and did not win the contract, but impressed many spectators. Orders began to be placed from private companies for the design. It outsold the winning design four to one. The Union military took the hint and scrapped the winning design and adopted the Slider. Considered by many to be one of the finest multi purpose ships ever designed, it continues to support the Union’s growing economy and impose its increasing military.
Size: 38
Capacity: 180
Hull: 330
Armor: 285
Laser pods: 3
Missile pods: 2

Planet sales: 1,330,000
Scrap value: 665,000

35,000 Credits

3 Heavy Plastics
3 Energy
7 Electronics
2 Metal

Required cycles: 26 (3 days, 6 h)
910,000 Credits

78 Heavy Plastics
78 Energy
182 Electronics
52 Metal