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El Padre

Category: Large ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

A reaction to the failures of Junker IV, this is the Union's attempt at a bulk carrier. Reverse engineering stolen Babels and Constrictors, Union engineers put together a cargo carrier to meet their needs. They sacrified armour for a strengthened hull, reasoning that these ships would work on protected supply routes. Now beginning to fall into private ownership, they can make their owners rich, if they can afford to fill the cargo hold to start with.
Size: 140
Capacity: 270
Hull: 510
Armor: 195
Laser pods: 2
Missile pods: 6

Planet sales: 1,650,000
Scrap value: 825,000

25,000 Credits

1 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
3 Electronics
20 Metal

Required cycles: 34 (4 days, 6 h)
850,000 Credits

34 Heavy Plastics
136 Energy
102 Electronics
680 Metal