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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

The Union space superiority fighter utilises a sceptre fuselage so it comes as no surprise that it has more cargo space than its contempories. Although affecting its maneouvering ability, many Union pilots are quite happy to trade this off against the much larger hull and thus weapons capacity the Horpor can provide.
As with many Union designs, the ship, being essentially a heavy modification of an existing design has some unique design features, the Horpor, or 'Terrible Crab' in Rashkiran, takes its name from the two claw like weapon sponsons slung low either side of its cockpit.
Size: 78
Capacity: 255
Hull: 420
Armor: 390
Laser pods: 4

Planet sales: 5,050,000
Scrap value: 2,525,000

30,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
6 Energy
1 Robots
8 Electronics
8 Metal
4 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 60 (7 days, 12 h)
1,800,000 Credits

240 Heavy Plastics
360 Energy
60 Robots
480 Electronics
480 Metal
240 Radioactive Cells