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Category: Large ()

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

With the creation of the Imperial Mooncrusher and later the Federal Doomstar, leading generals and ship designers of the Union felt that the Horpor was an underperforming flagship. By combining an advanced prototype warship and a newly designed freighter, the Union created the first dual-purpose vessel with much higher specifications than similar-sized craft. Due to its hanging tail and claws, the ship was named after the venomous Scorpion.
Size: 84
Capacity: 235
Hull: 525
Armor: 630
Laser pods: 4
Missile pods: 6

Planet sales: 15,125,000
Scrap value: 7,562,500

90,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
10 Energy
3 Robots
16 Electronics
32 Metal
4 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 76 (9 days, 12 h)
6,840,000 Credits

304 Heavy Plastics
760 Energy
228 Robots
1,216 Electronics
2,432 Metal
304 Radioactive Cells