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Lanner Mini

Category: Medium ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The pacifist ship designer Linda Lanner created two vessels - the Lanner and Lanner Mini - with remarkable characteristics. Having witnessed three wars and the painful loss of several of her family members, Lanner's designs reflect her attitude: No place for guns or missiles. This exceptional feature allowed Lanner to incorporate an improved chassis and the option for relatively strong armor. When the inventor presented her models on the first InterShip conference after the Aperture, she got laughed out of the hall by Federation and Empire representatives. However, shortly afterwards, both Union members and neutral people approached her, signing concessions for the distribution of the "silver double-L"s on their bases. Nowadays the Lanner Mini is a popular model among traders in many parts of the universe.
Size: 45
Capacity: 180
Hull: 270
Armor: 300

Planet sales: 382,000
Scrap value: 191,000
11,460 XP

25,000 Credits

6 Heavy Plastics
5 Energy
5 Electronics
5 Metal

Required cycles: 10 (1 days, 6 h)
250,000 Credits

60 Heavy Plastics
50 Energy
50 Electronics
50 Metal