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Category: Small ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The source of the Interceptor's success - small size - was also its greatest weakness. Many veteran privateers found they needed a ship with better firepower and combat endurance, but were either unable or unwilling to pay for a Hawk. Ultimately, it was an underground organization's need for a small, anonymous, but capable heavy fighter craft that led to the Mercury's creation. Though many are ignorant of its sinister origins, its availability throughout the galaxy is a testament to its effectiveness.
Size: 27
Capacity: 120
Hull: 210
Armor: 390
Laser pods: 3
Missile pods: 3

Planet sales: 426,000
Scrap value: 213,000
25,560 XP

50,000 Credits

5 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
14 Electronics
4 Metal

Required cycles: 6 (18 h)
300,000 Credits

30 Heavy Plastics
24 Energy
84 Electronics
24 Metal