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Category: Medium ()

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

Contrary to its fragile elegance (the source of its name) the Hawk is anything but fragile due to its optimal armor implementation. In this medium to luxurious version you find the highest number of gun mounts available on ships: 5. The lack of missile mounts, due to technical aspects, is a flaw that can be easily ignored. The Hawk is commonly used to transport VIPs. But some rich pirates have been able to evade the law in this ship.
Size: 33
Capacity: 150
Hull: 225
Armor: 480
Laser pods: 5

Planet sales: 1,700,000
Scrap value: 850,000
102,000 XP

35,000 Credits

4 Heavy Plastics
4 Energy
10 Electronics
1 Metal

Required cycles: 32 (4 days)
1,120,000 Credits

128 Heavy Plastics
128 Energy
320 Electronics
32 Metal