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Magnetic Scoop

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The Magnetic Scoop is an item of Special Equipment that allows you to carry more an extra 150t of cargo. The items placed into the Mag Scoop are trailed behind your ship, increasing the amount of APs to move.

The Magnetic Scoop must be activated in the Overview->Ship screen for 5 APs before it will add the extra cargo space. If you have anything in your magnetic scoop, each tile will cost an additional 10 APs, plus 1 AP for every 5t in the scoop.

Common uses for the Magnetic Scoop include upgrading/constructing buildings and raiding.

You cannot have store any equipment in your Mag Scoop.

Maneuver penalty: Your actual maneuver skill will drop by 0.5% for every ton stored in your magnetic scoop (however it will not drop lower then your racial starting level).
Mass: 2
Planet sales: 20,000
Scrap value: 10,000

3,500 Credits

12 Energy
1 Electronics
2 Metal
4 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 2 (6 h)