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Welcome at 'The Crazy Sanctuary' HTTP/80 info board !

This starbase is certified by 'The Crazy Peacemakers' for excellent service and high quality goods.
Good day, traveller !

You found the source of unmatched quality for everyone's prices.

This base is the only one where you can receive ships with those brands:

This base is part of:

Safe business under jurisdiction of:

Shocking news erupts all of Orion:

After years of managing TCS, a light tower in TCP territories, Maxi TB retired today after a long and successful period of successful pulling the strings of one of the best known bases in Orion.

So far only one statement was available for the public:

"C'mon, it was fun, the money was neat, my girls always kept me entertained, but eh, you can't bind a Rashkir to a chair forever ..."

So the big question is: "Oh god, oh god, we all have to die ?"

Without a surprise, the former CEO has a statement for that as well:

"TCS will continue. And it will be keep it's high standards of service and customer friendly business. This step was planned a long time ahead, not day, not weeks but months. I'm pretty sure my successor will stumble around a tiny little bit in the beginning, but he is motivated, he got my tools and collected data and after all I'm still available for high price consulting services ... *laugh*"

Hah ... so the big question is, about whom are we talking ? Will the new CEO raises from the ranks of TCP ? Or will we see a completely different approach for this takeover ?

I'm pretty sure, those questions will be answered soon.
I often see this question and here are my personal tips.
I personally have little experience with fighter ships, but well, trading is something I did over two years now.

So if you are interested in my opinion, here ya go:

=== Ships ===

I will only focus on mid and high end traders,
so for the Union there are three possibilities:

--- El Padre ---
A very good trader, you should pick this one if you have the proper rank.

--- Hercules ---
A fine trader too and may be the first choice if you lack the rank for the Padre.

--- Behemoth ---
There's no other choice in the Union, so this may be the only option for you as a high end trader.

=== Armor ===

Make it as tough as possible while cutting down repair costs.

--- Zortrium ---
This is the best choice for low risk areas, like faction sectors (except the UPC of course).

--- Ebidium ---
If you want to invest a little more money, sick to Ebidium.
It's the best choice for higher risk areas.

--- Exotic armors ---
They are very expensive in both, buying and repairing.
I don't recommend them for trading only.

=== Drive ===

Again a matter of taste.
High rank drives offer low costs in fuel, have additional tank space for fuel and require less APs for travelling.

So I would recommend for all traders the Interphased version.

=== Lasers ===

Depends if you supply buildings with (low level) critters.
You should engage any serious ones, let fighters do that job for you.

So for space maggots and similar stuff, one 4 MW lightweight Particle would do the trick.
You can also use two 1 MW Particle if you want to cut down repair costs.

=== Missiles ===

If you have no fighter support and need to clean a bigger critter quickly you should buy missiles for this job.
And this job only.
Wasting precious cargo space with not needed missiles while cut down you profit and will do you nothing good.

=== Shields ===

Serious trading doesn't require serious fighting.
So a shield is just a waste of space.
Stick to a better armor instead.

=== Specials ===

You will only need:

- Auto Refueler.
- Fuel Scoop (comes with any new ship).
- Teleporter 1.

And Escape pod may be a fine option too in hostile areas.
However it "wastes" 5 more tons of space and this will cut down you profit per AP (2-5% depending on equipment).

Anything else is not needed and just waste needed cargo space.
Remember: More free space equals better profit per AP.

That's it.
I hope you did enjoy reading this and maybe it helped to for your next shopping tour at TCS !
Here's a complete duty roaster of TCS red sector labor (Union health check IDs):

* TCS-RTD-7834578634-F: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RTD-3456964568-F: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RTD-3454896457-F: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RTD-7893457543-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RTD-7346564564-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RTD-3459643899-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RTD-0340345345-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RTD-0997857493-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RTD-8347647380-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RTD-7623878928-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RTD-5478939200-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RTD-9834786639-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RTD-2366278890-F: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RTD-3834645993-F: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RTD-5776389639-F: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RTD-4534758634-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RTD-7845969245-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RTD-2347883003-F: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RTD-3589489873-F: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RTD-3409573459-F: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RRW-3457983456-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RRW-8345763463-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RRW-3482388302-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RRW-2457834739-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RRW-7893458349-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RRW-4235989483-F: Skull'n'Crossbones Hideout
* TCS-RRW-3457945789-M: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RRW-2345786345-M: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RRW-2345783478-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RRW-2346783642-F: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RRW-9866432345-F: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RRW-7836895385-F: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RRW-8349305374-M: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RRW-8934763476-M: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RRW-3489345753-M: Mod-n-Dust Rashkan/2 Hut
* TCS-RRW-7684683425-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RRW-4386345767-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RRW-4872346739-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RRW-8946346347-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RRW-7834893464-F: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RRW-8945963566-M: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RRW-6538932790-M: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RRW-0347823783-F: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RBT-9834563484-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RBT-0234649930-M: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RBT-5468498634-F: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RBT-4358967348-F: Ska'ari Last Resort VIP Club
* TCS-RBT-3463458939-M: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RBT-2308934574-M: Downtown Seattle Pub
* TCS-RBT-3456834903-M: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RBT-3459000483-M: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RBT-0045745999-M: Brain Tail Swingers Recreation
* TCS-RBT-2349010983-F: Hero's Forge
* TCS-RBT-1100945688-F: Hero's Forge

The prefix tag TCS and gender postfix was of course ordered by Union officials, TCS uses an interal prefix for all its personal:

* RTD: Red sector / Table dancer
* RRW: Red sector / Roaming waiter
* RBT: Red sector / Bartender

Because of privacy protection laws I can't post all names, sorry.
But I can assure you, all personal of TCS is periodically checked and perfectly germ and nanites free !

So come visit, enjoy you stay and leave without a Nashiran flu next day !

Yours Maxi Tb,
CEO of The Crazy Sanctuary
The war has ended.
Bad blood was washed already away in it's last days of rage.
Peace is finally restored.

Finally, TCS opened gates for imperial customers again.
Our alliance kept it's word 100% and stayed neutral all the time.

The war also effected the base badly - a lot traders were lost.
But right now, it seems, everything is turning for the good.

So I hope to see a lot old customers again and maybe new ones !

Don't be affraid of the MO wall.
I'm pretty sure, the Empire is not longer on a foe list.
Otherwise I can surely can "arrange" that kind of things ;-).
Yes, the war is slowing down and we are finally back on track for peace !

You may also noticed a new feature at TCS page: "The Hall of Customers"

Be aware, only customers who bought ships at TCS are shown.
No details about defenses or weaponry, but the sales date.
So if you bought a ship at TCS some time agon and can't remember the date, this is the right stop to find it out !
Dear Empire customers:

Surprisingly for myself and a lot good personal relations with empire pilots a war was declared between the Empire and the Union.
You may noticed, my alliance has members of both faction and so we will stay neutral in this conflict.

However I recommend every empire pilot to stay away of my base while this conflict is raging.
For security reasons our FF-systems recognize automatically every ship under an Empire flag as hostile.

I repeat:
Dear Empire customers, please keep your distance to TCS till the crisis is solved !

This is not an act of aggression and I'm pretty sure our noble alliance leader, Q Roger,
will soon post a statement about our (neutral) position in this war.

I hope you will understand this steps or at least tolerate my defensive security measures.

Thanks for reading,
and good wishes to all my old and new customers !
Yep, it's done.

Once again TCS leaps forward beyond any know other base in the Pardiverse presenting a antique HTTP/80 info portal !

This will also again feature a new price setup (valid from 2007-10-22) - so stay tuned !
Welcome pilot !

MaxiCorps proudly announces new prices for TCS.
Our very good prices dropped again, making TCS one of the cheapest star bases in whole Orion !

Checkout our new prices under the customer section - and feel free to visit us any time you want.