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X-993 Mothership

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Having come to serve as giant floating starbases in their own right, the X-993 Motherships situate themselves in many nutrient rich sectors. Though capable of mobility they are often found stationary, silently offering oversight to their many workers as they continue production of the X-993 Series line. These massive industrial space vessels are the very core of X-993's construction, giving birth to the drones and the battlecruisers within their complex metal wombs. Well armed and armored itself, be certain that like any hive-minded creature its drones will swarm swiftly back to their queen at the very first sign of danger. One of the many X-993 Motherships throughout the various sectors is also widely rumored to house CASSN itself, assuredly making it an even more veritable threat than any other.

Additional info:

These are extremely rare spawns. There are currently two spawning points for X-993 Motherships - Remo, and Hooth.
Hull: 1,050
Shield: 420

Armor: 900 Neutronium (x4)
Hit Accuracy: 65


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: 2d 6h
Experience: 1,600


Cybernetic X-993 Parts