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You can download Maxisoft PardusTools 2 right from the link below:

Version: 2.0.19

Release date: 2008-05-04

Size: 4,654,483 Bytes


OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
Framework: Microsoft NET 1.1.
Legal: Freeware.

Current downloadable setup package contains:

BasizerManagment tool for starbases.2.0.17Alliance only **
EncyclopediaOffline version of this encyclopedia.2.0.19
GamizerCustomized client for *
HelpizerCreation tool for encyclopedia.2.0.9Alliance only **
LeadizerAlliance management tool.2.0.0Not released ***
MapizerMapping tool and sector managment.2.0.0Not released ***
SynchrizerServer for client tools.2.0.0Not released ***
TrayizerQuick launch application.2.0.19

* Development canceled, technology will be included as features.
** Activation key required (available only for alliance members).
*** No release available for users (alpha state).

Bonus stuff:

- AP calculator
- Building maxes calculator.
- Overskilling calculator.
- Small web link collection.
- Kora's wallpapers for splash window.
- Offline imagepack packages.
- Other stuffz.

Maxisoft PardusTools 2
Copyright (c)2005-2007 by Markus J. Wolfger.

This software is freeware.
It is forbidden to use its content for commercial products !