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Ska'ari (female)

Intelligence Report

The Ska'ari are a non-humanoid, silicon-based species, which evolved over millions of years in the gaseous pools of the Skaran southern hemisphere. A considerable quantity of radiation was released in this area by a disastrous asteroid impact on their homeworld, mutating the Ska'ari, who began producing offspring with enormous brains, high intelligence and partial telepathic abilities. In the following thousands of years they developed new technologies, expanded their territory, and made contacts with other species. By virtue of their unemotional nature and intellectual superiority, the Ska'ari are the premier deal-makers of the universe; their wealth makes it possible for them to equip each of their new pilots with a Rustclaw instead of the usual Sabre. Having evolved amidst the fierce electrical storms of the Skaran atmosphere, they are experts in handling gas and energy.

Most Ska'ari are part of the Empire.