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Galactic Council

Intelligence Report

The galactic council, consisting of the leading heads of the universe, maintains all financial, military, security and other essential functions. 'Heads' is the right term to use; they are the brains of the founders of the galaxy, whose bodies have long since fallen to dust. Because at that time all races have been coexisting peacefully together without the needs of warring factions, they feel responsible for this ancient harmony and try to maintain it by acting as absolutely neutral regulators. To keep the five most important founders alive, the leading scientists of the era have developed a unique cybernetic procedure to achieve a symbiotic graft of their brains on five high tech ships, remnants of a long dead robotic race. The first grafting failed, resulting in an automatically triggered anti-matter cascade of the ship's engine, destroying a nearby solar system with 200 billion inhabitants.

Years after this terrible disaster, after the scientists succeeded in disabling the security systems, the leaders were merged with the remaining four ships, granting them immortality.

Joining the Galactic Council is not possible.